From The Watchtower

8th March 2018

Woe is me, woe is me,
For I have seen an evil under the sun,
The shepherds have abandoned the flock
The flock are at the mercy of demons,
Teaching all manner of perversions to the children.

The shepherds rub their hands in glee,
For they count the flock and the money,
The church has become a byword,
The church has become a business
And there is no shepherd who protects the Lords children.

Did not the Lord say His was a house of prayer,
O, woe is me for I have seen evil in His church.
The shepherds teach platitudes,
“Come, come” they say,
“It is a sin not to go to church”.

The children stream into the church,
To be held captive by entertainment,
There is no truth there,
Demons laugh, as the Lords children are led astray.

O, woe is me, woe is me,
For I have seen such evil,
The shepherds rubbing their hands,
Counting out their money,
Leaving the flock to their sin.

The Lord says, he will judge the shepherds,
For the evil in His church,
They will be held accountable,
For every soul lost.

It is time,
Come out of her, come out of her,
All you children of God,
Seek the highway of life,
The light of life,
Where your God is.

You must leave behind,
Brother and sister,
Father and mother,
Friends and family,
For the Lord is not there.

Seek after Him only,
Look to your Father in Heaven,
He searches for true believers,
Those who would come to Him in prayer and thanksgiving.

Repent of all your evil ways,
AND come out of her.
For she is corrupted and leads the Lords children astray.
O woe is me, woe is me,
For I have seen the evil.
The Lord searches for those who seek after Him,
With all their hearts.
And as I looked,
I saw a highway,
But only a few on this.

The rest lie down in the darkness,
Covered in sin,
Revelling in the dark,
Lead by shepherds who rape, pillage and rob.
Only death is here.

“Come out, come out,”
Seek after the Lord with all your hearts,
And you too can walk on the highway to life.