From The Watchtower

12th January 2018

Look, look,
Smoke arises up on the day of its destruction,
Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed in an instant.
Lot was the only righteous one,
Plucked out and saved.

So it will be in the coming days,
The great city,
That, that has corrupted the earth,
Has been marked.

I was beckoned beside them,
The two angels sent from the Lord.
They were going throughout the city,
Looking for the righteous.
Darkness covered the city,
No lights were there.
Evil dwelt there.

“Come,” they said to me,
“For the time has come, the Lord has sent us.
For this city is like, as in the past, Sodom and Gomorrah.
It has been marked for destruction.”

I called out to the Lord,
“Lord, surely there are some righteous in here.”
And as I looked I saw one light shining forth.
And then I saw one down on their knees praying.
The angels passed by that house.

So it will be,
A time is coming where nations, cities and towns are marked,
O be terrified earth for the time has come.

Light your lamps O you righteous,
For the Lord will see..
Though you are surrounded by darkness,
Yet the Lord will save you on that day.
Prepare your hearts,
Those who are righteous will shine forth,
Brighter and brighter,
Like the stars in the night sky.
They will no longer dwell in the darkness,
But the Lord will be their Saviour.

From The Watchtower

26th November 2017

Your word is my lamp,
A light that lights up the darkness.
Your word is more precious than gold to me.
I thank you Holy Spirit for your wisdom.

You fill me with knowledge and guard all my ways,
You fill my mouth with beautiful words,
to amazing for me.
Forever you walk beside me,
Guiding my way.

And though the world be filled with darkness,
You fill me with your light,
So that, Lord,
Those who need to hear will hear,
Those who need to see will see.

For you Lord are doing a new thing.
It is not for man to discern or understand.
You hide it from those who practice deceit,
And follow after their own hearts.
Even priests and prophets,
All building their own kingdoms,
You will not use such as these.