The Trumpet Call Of God

4th December 2018

This is the day,
A new day breaks over my soul,
Whispers in my dreams,
"Fish for Souls."

I walk in my dreams,
Beside the seashore,
Those many years ago,
When a man was asked,
"Do you love Me?"

A fishing net lay at his feet,
Full of fish.
"You know I do Lord."
"Do you love Me?" He asked.
Three times He asked,
And one man said "I do".
A church was birthed.

In my dreams I ponder the scene.
A man's heart full of love,
For His Lord and God.
Doubt, weakness and fear surround him.
Back around the mountain he went,
Where he felt comfortable,
Fishing and working for a living.

But today was a new day,
Three times he was asked,
"Do you love Me?"
Confronted with a choice,
"Follow me and let go.
Obey Me and fear not.
Put aside all fear and the miracles will happen."

Power in faith and love,
A church was born.
Not of man's making.
The love of God lead a simple man on.
Nothing meant more than walking in Jesus's footprints.

So, I look at the scene in my dreams,
and hear a small gentle whisper,
"Fish for souls."
As centuries ago, one man obeyed and all history changed.

So, it seems a new day emerges,
Rise up, rise up,
You who think you are weak,
Burdened by fear and doubt.
One footprint, at a time, to follow.
What does He ask.
"Do you love Me?"

You may be a humble vessel,
But a vessel He would use.
It is your time,
Bow your head and worship your Lord.
For He will do it.
Do not ask in your heart, 
Who am I?
What do I have?
Am I too old or am I too young?

For the Lord is calling,
"Do you love Me?"
And like one small weak, fearful and burdened man,
who rose up to lead a church,
Who do you think you are,
Who questions the Lord?
For He has looked into your heart,
Into your soul and He asks,
"Do you love Me? Fish for souls."

A new day dawns,
A day of revelation, 
A day of the Holy Spirit,
Searching men's hearts.
"Do you love Me?"
Rise up, rise up,
For the fields are ripe for harvest.
A great harvest is coming.

Are you ready for the Lord to ask,
"Do you love Me? Fish for souls."
A small gentle whisper,
But a trumpet call,
All who hear His voice,
Are you going to listen,
One footprint at a time,

Bow down and worship,
For He chooses you.

The Watchtower

27th March 2018

Multitudes upon multitudes,
Clap their hands and dance and sing
Entertainment is the name of the game,
A deceptive spirit has been sent,
Among the congregation.
If you have seen it,
Clasp your hand over your mouth,
And do not follow.

Multitudes upon multitudes,
Their ears are tickled,
Their hearts deceived.
Whitewash the sin and call it something else,
Cover it with platitudes,
And tell them they are blessed.

“Shepherds of my people, my children, repent.”
For the Lord sees your hearts,
Hungry for gain.
“Build the church,” you say.
Yet count the congregation and your tithes,
Erecting whitewashed buildings,
With no light there.

You have lost your first love,
And pride has crept in.
You say in your heart,
“Look and see at all that I have done,
I am blessed.”

But you do not know,
Your steps are ordered &
demons lead my children astray.
Call them to repent,
And do not whitewash the sin.

Know this,
On the day of judgement,
You too will be judged,
As shepherds of the flock,
Accountable for each child lost.


From The Watchtower

8th March 2018

Woe is me, woe is me,
For I have seen an evil under the sun,
The shepherds have abandoned the flock
The flock are at the mercy of demons,
Teaching all manner of perversions to the children.

The shepherds rub their hands in glee,
For they count the flock and the money,
The church has become a byword,
The church has become a business
And there is no shepherd who protects the Lords children.

Did not the Lord say His was a house of prayer,
O, woe is me for I have seen evil in His church.
The shepherds teach platitudes,
“Come, come” they say,
“It is a sin not to go to church”.

The children stream into the church,
To be held captive by entertainment,
There is no truth there,
Demons laugh, as the Lords children are led astray.

O, woe is me, woe is me,
For I have seen such evil,
The shepherds rubbing their hands,
Counting out their money,
Leaving the flock to their sin.

The Lord says, he will judge the shepherds,
For the evil in His church,
They will be held accountable,
For every soul lost.

It is time,
Come out of her, come out of her,
All you children of God,
Seek the highway of life,
The light of life,
Where your God is.

You must leave behind,
Brother and sister,
Father and mother,
Friends and family,
For the Lord is not there.

Seek after Him only,
Look to your Father in Heaven,
He searches for true believers,
Those who would come to Him in prayer and thanksgiving.

Repent of all your evil ways,
AND come out of her.
For she is corrupted and leads the Lords children astray.
O woe is me, woe is me,
For I have seen the evil.
The Lord searches for those who seek after Him,
With all their hearts.
And as I looked,
I saw a highway,
But only a few on this.

The rest lie down in the darkness,
Covered in sin,
Revelling in the dark,
Lead by shepherds who rape, pillage and rob.
Only death is here.

“Come out, come out,”
Seek after the Lord with all your hearts,
And you too can walk on the highway to life.