From The Watchtower

28th May 2018

Prepare your oil lamps, children of God

A Parable:

There was a woman and she was going on a journey.
She arrived at the airport with a very heavy bag.
Appearing before the check-in counter she was told that her bag was too heavy and she needed to remove some of the contents.
She found a small quiet room and entered it with her very heavy bag.
Opening the bag she suddenly realised that the contents had not been packed by her but by her husband.
The contents were bad and there was illegal contraband in the bag.

This terrified the woman as she had had a very lucky escape from being caught by customs and imprisoned.
But as she went through the bag, she realised that some of the contents she wanted to keep. She had a decision to make.
Either she only took what was hers to take or she could try and smuggle some of her husbands contraband and bad things through customs.

As she was thinking about this, she removed two items for herself and packed these into another bag for herself. Then she zipped her husbands packed bag up. As she was about to leave a woman walked past the room and then turned back and opened the door and walked in. She was a first class passenger, and had very little in the way of baggage to take on board the plane.

She started to talk with the woman who was repacking the bags and told her not to forget her make-up. She would need it. The first woman thanked her and then unzipped her husbands bag and realised she had left all her make-up behind. She removed this and put it into her new bag, zipped her husbands bag up for the last time and walked away.

What do you think she had packed for herself.

She had found and packed only three things and even though she was afraid of taking the next step of walking through customs and entering the plane with her new bag, she realised the fear was actually not her own, but her husbands.  She could now walk away from it and walk out in boldness, knowing she had exactly what she needed for her journey.

The three things she had removed were:

  1. A certificate of Title to her home
  2. Some new clothes for the journey
  3. Make-up

She had no money or possessions and did not need them because these three things were all she needed.

  1. Certificate of Title – Her citizenship for her heavenly home
  2. New clothes – Her robe of righteousness that she received when she accepted Jesus in her life and became born again.
  3. Make-up – The person she was created to be with the gifts that God had given her to do his will and to serve him.

What happened to her husband: She had walked away from his bag because his baggage of sin and slavery was his own to bear.

Meaning of the parable: Do not carry others sin and burdens or partake of their ways, because when you reach heaven you will only have to account for your own actions, and heart. God sees the heart of each of us as individuals and we cannot blame another or do for another what is their responsibility to take.

Prepare your own oil lamps, children of God, for He is close, just at the door. And, you want to be prepared when He returns or you will be left behind.


From The Watchtower

16th February 2018

The sun rises in its place and sets,
The moon and the tides are set in their ways,
The stars in the night sky to light the darkness,
At the Lords Word all was created.

The Lord calls out to His children
“Cast your burdens on me,
There is nothing new under the sun,
But have I not heard and Have I not seen your tears,
I gather them and store them,
They are precious to me.”

There are those who would thwart justice,
There are those who oppress,
There are those who steal and destroy,
But do you not know,
Nothing is hidden from the Lord.

The leaders are corrupt,
They do not understand,
That there is a day of judgement,
They rise and they fall,
But they are but dust,
The Lord will recompense.

Hold fast your faith,
You children of the Living God,
For days are coming,
When darkness will cover the earth,
And it will seem that evil will prosper.

But know this,
The Lord has set aside His own,
You are not forgotten,
So cast your burdens on Him,
He sees your days as numbered,
But your reward is with Him.

Praise the Lord all you saints,
All His children praise Him,
Lift up your voices and rejoice.
Praise His Holy Name.