Guided Footsteps:

I stood in a place, dark and foreboding,

Lights were going out,

Anger, fear, rebellion and hate were there,

It was my heart.

How could this be?

Sorrow and Suffering surrounded me.

I could not see my way.

Then I heard a gentle whisper,

“Follow this way,”

I saw a path,

A faint light glowed,

I followed, I knew not where.

“Do not look back,” His whisper said.

I could not see the way ahead,

I was surrounded by Sorrow, Suffering and Grief.

His gentle whisper led me on,

In faith and trust not felt,

I timidly took one step forward,

The path shone a little brighter.

“Do not look back,” He whispered,

Another step and another,

Brighter and brighter was the path, lighting my way in the dark,

and I did not look back.

It led me to a river, wide and flowing,

Water running crystal clear at my feet.

Stooping down I touched it.

“Drink it and cross to the other side,” He whispered.

I looked but saw no way, no bridge to cross.

A pile of sticks lay at my feet.

Gathering these I built a bridge

and crossed to the other side.

The path was wider on this side.

I followed it around a mountain,

All at once I was in another place,

Light shone through this place.

There was Happiness, Peace, Joy and Hope,

“Where am I?” I asked,

The Lord said to me,

for His was the gentle whisper,

“The sticks you used to build the bridge,

Those were Hope, Perseverance, Forgiveness and Love.

I gave them to you to light up your path.

You followed and did not look back.

Now you have reached Joy, Peace, Gratitude and Character,

And now your path is My love.

For I am always with you for eternity,

My beautiful child.”


Copywrite 2017 – Penny Jackson – All rights reserved