If anyone feels inclined to donate to my work please email me at

I have been called to write, with God’s pen, and I do this in obedience.  I do not do it for material gain and will freely give through this site, all that God shows me.  However, some people will feel that they would like to donate and for those people I am offering this opportunity.

Thank you and blessings to all those that do or that God puts this on your heart.

I wrote, Earth Bound, Heaven Sent in obedience to a prophets instruction.  I have put the book on Amazon, for those who would like to buy it but also so it can reach a wider audience, the unsaved. I have to advertise this book with Amazon to reach the audience and this does cost money. However, the money I receive from the sales, does not cover the advertising. I am happy to do this because I believe that anyone who reads the book and is saved, is another soul God will rejoice in, and His angels in heaven. If you would like to participate in saving these souls, you can contact me to donate towards this work and participate in it.

God bless to everyone who donates and helps in this.