Power In His Name

6th December 2018

I have had a glimpse,
Oh how beautiful,
Amazing and powerful,
A vision,
Jesus Yahushua Meshiach,
My King, glorious and all powerful.
I bow down and worship,
For nothing compares to my Lord.

Almighty God, most powerful,
In the name of Jesus,
Power fills the earth,
Nothing can stand before Him.
His eyes search the hearts of men.

Where is faith?
Where is belief?
For the Lord shows me,
His children struggling,
The worries of this world entangling.
What does He ask?
"Believe in Me."

Simple and powerful,
O man,
Do not look at what is,
Look at what is possible,
In the name of Jesus,
Power, almighty power,
For has He not said,
And will He not do.

Proclaim His name in all the world,
For those He calls,
Speak in His name, 
Power will be given, in His name,
Miracles will follow at their feet,
The deaf will hear,
The blind will see,
The lame walk,
The dumb speak,
Demons will flee,
And nothing will stand against the name of Jesus.

He calls,
Who is willing?
Who has faith?
Who will rise with me,
Take your eyes off the world,
rise up like the eagle
Proclaim His name in all the earth.

The Trumpet Call Of God

4th December 2018

This is the day,
A new day breaks over my soul,
Whispers in my dreams,
"Fish for Souls."

I walk in my dreams,
Beside the seashore,
Those many years ago,
When a man was asked,
"Do you love Me?"

A fishing net lay at his feet,
Full of fish.
"You know I do Lord."
"Do you love Me?" He asked.
Three times He asked,
And one man said "I do".
A church was birthed.

In my dreams I ponder the scene.
A man's heart full of love,
For His Lord and God.
Doubt, weakness and fear surround him.
Back around the mountain he went,
Where he felt comfortable,
Fishing and working for a living.

But today was a new day,
Three times he was asked,
"Do you love Me?"
Confronted with a choice,
"Follow me and let go.
Obey Me and fear not.
Put aside all fear and the miracles will happen."

Power in faith and love,
A church was born.
Not of man's making.
The love of God lead a simple man on.
Nothing meant more than walking in Jesus's footprints.

So, I look at the scene in my dreams,
and hear a small gentle whisper,
"Fish for souls."
As centuries ago, one man obeyed and all history changed.

So, it seems a new day emerges,
Rise up, rise up,
You who think you are weak,
Burdened by fear and doubt.
One footprint, at a time, to follow.
What does He ask.
"Do you love Me?"

You may be a humble vessel,
But a vessel He would use.
It is your time,
Bow your head and worship your Lord.
For He will do it.
Do not ask in your heart, 
Who am I?
What do I have?
Am I too old or am I too young?

For the Lord is calling,
"Do you love Me?"
And like one small weak, fearful and burdened man,
who rose up to lead a church,
Who do you think you are,
Who questions the Lord?
For He has looked into your heart,
Into your soul and He asks,
"Do you love Me? Fish for souls."

A new day dawns,
A day of revelation, 
A day of the Holy Spirit,
Searching men's hearts.
"Do you love Me?"
Rise up, rise up,
For the fields are ripe for harvest.
A great harvest is coming.

Are you ready for the Lord to ask,
"Do you love Me? Fish for souls."
A small gentle whisper,
But a trumpet call,
All who hear His voice,
Are you going to listen,
One footprint at a time,

Bow down and worship,
For He chooses you.

From The Watchtower

5th November 2017

Rise up, Rise up,
You who hear My voice,
Call upon me and I will answer,
No longer barren and in a desert,
You will fly with wings of an eagle.

Rise up, Rise up,
Stand on the mountain top and prophecy to the nations again.
Open the book that was closed.
I hid you in the palm of my hand and covered you,
For now is the time.

Nations nash their teeth,
Hoards from afar will cover the land,
Nation will rise against nation,
The earth will shake and vast armies arise.
Wo to the earth.

Turn now and repent,
Put on sackcloth and fast,
Weep before me and beat your breast,
And yet I may relent.
Stand before me and I will open the book,
Take off your sandals and prostate before me,
For you stand on Holy ground.

Call out to my daughter Israel,
Be strong and station your watchmen on the watchtower,
Hear my voice once more,
For you I have hidden,
Covered and protected.

A light will arise from my daughter Israel,
A light to the nations,
He will come to judge the nations,
You will see Him come Israel.
He will arise to defend you,
Destroying those that come against you.
Prepare Israel for your King.

21st March 2017

The word of the Lord came to me for those with ears to hear.

“Listen and write down faithfully what I am to reveal.  There is coming a time, not long from now, when each man’s heart is to be tested, when I am coming with my winnowing fork, when I will separate the wheat from the chaff.

I call my Bride to make ready.

He who has ears to hear, hear.

Gather your oil and your lamps and wait.  For as surely as day follows night and night follows day this shall come to pass.

I cry out to My true church, separate now from that which is not of me.  Worldly riches are of the world and are here one day and gone the next.  Do not accumulate wealth for yourselves.  For, worldly wealth has no place in My Kingdom.  I tell you truly, you hold onto that which has no value when you accumulate worldly things.

Do not build for yourselves kingdoms on this earth.  For there is only one King and One Kingdom and this is eternal.

My sheep hear My voice.  Therefore, separate from that of the world and follow me.”




Isaiah 40

You who bring good tidings to Zion
go up on a high mountain.
You who bring good tidings to Jerusalem
lift up your voice with a shout,
lift it up, do not be afraid:
say to the towns of Judah,
Here is your God!
See the Sovereign Lord comes
with power,
and his arm rules for Him.