Earth Bound, Heaven Sent



Earth Bound, Heaven Sent Paperback cover

My life changed in 1964, when I was caught up to heaven after a car accident.  This book relates my experience in heaven and the choice I was given to return to my physical, earthly existence or stay in heaven in the presence of God.

This book was written in obedience to God’s direction and I hope it blesses all those who want to know if God really exists, whether there is life after death and whether they too can have eternal life with an all knowing, loving God.

It is available in Kindle as an ebook or Amazon as a paperback.

I have had to charge for this, as God has shown me that this is part of my income and He blesses his servants, who obey Him.

Please go to the link and you will be able to buy this book at US$2.99 ebook and US$9.99.
I have tried to keep the price down for anyone who wants to read this, but Amazon do require royalties so it has to cover that.

If you cannot afford it please email me and I will send you a free copy because I would rather you have a copy to read than not.
You can email me at the below email address.