I was born in Christchurcn, New Zealand, on the 23rd October, 1957.

Christchurch was an enigma to me.  Both my parents families lived there.  My mothers family emigrated from England on one of the first ships sent to New Zealand.  She had a proud family background, stretching back to the 1100’s, through the Ward family in Chelsea, London.  My fathers family came from Scotland, and his clan was the Clooney clan.  I can not remember anything of Christchurch except for one day when I was taken down some steps to a beach and I looked back and saw my parents house.  Years later, as an adult, I visited Diamond Harbour and while looking up the hill saw those same set of steps and the house above them.  My mother told me I was a gardener because when I was a toddler I had planted an acorn in my aunts front lawn, in Christchurch, and years later it had turned into a great oak tree.

I do not remember anything of Christchurch, because my parents moved us up to the North Island, Rotorua, to follow work that was offered to my father.  But, at the age of five, we moved again to Ngararuawhahia, just out of Hamilton.  It was here that I had my earliest memories of life.  We lived on a cattle farm and both my brother and myself attended St Paul’s Convent for our primary school education.  And it was here in 1964 that I had the car accident that changed my life forever.

I was caught up to heaven and sent back to earth, to the physical existence I now live.  It is a funny thing but that one experience has marked me for life.  I can never deny that God is in my life but there were many times I have run from Him.  There were many times I have felt like an alien and just wanted to fit in but never could.  There were many times I asked Him, “why me?”  And there were many times I asked God to take my destiny away from me.  I was set apart for Him.

My life has never been normal.  God has given me the ability to see visions, dream dreams, and hear His voice clearly.  Some may say this is a blessing.  But, there is responsibility with it.  He has clearly called me, prophesied over me and anointed me for such a time as this, on earth.

This website is a testimony of that call.  I have been called to the mountain top, to fly on eagles wings and to share what He gives me to share to the Nations.  This is my destiny,

Like David in Psalm 56 I can honestly say:

"In God, whose Word I praise,
In the Lord, whose Word I praise,
In God I trust, I will not be afraid,
What can man do to me.

I am under vows to you O God,
I will present my thank offerings to You,
For you have delivered me from death,
and my feet from stumbling,
that I may walk before God in the light of life."



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