From The Watchtower

19th November 2017

The Lord is faithful,
Abounding in loving kindness.
He arises with healing in His wings.

Comfort, comfort my children,
Those who seek after the Lord.
To walk in His paths,
To obey His word.
Be strong and courageous
Bold as a lion,
Speak the word of the Lord,
To the Lost and broken hearted.

The Lord is doing a new thing,
Yet in a little while He will come,
To gather His children,
Under His wings.

Do not be afraid,
For the ungodly nash their teeth,
And walk in their wicked ways,
But  their days are numbered,
Their judgement is coming,
Swift and on 1 day.

Hold fast and be strong,
Fear no evil, children of the Living God.
For the Lord is your shield and fortress,
And on that day He will protect you,
And gather you to Himself.
To all those who call on the name of the Lord,
On that day, will be saved.

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