From The Watchtower

4th December 2017

Praise the Lord and His Holy Name,
Forever and ever, Creator of heaven and earth.
Is there anything to mighty for Him?
The heavens are His throne,
The earth His footstool.

He speaks and all creation listens.
Mountains bow down before Him,
The earth shakes and
the seas are gathered under His cloak.

To His people,
Those who love Him and obey Him,
Prepare your hearts,
For the Lord is doing a new thing.

Hold fast, hold fast, in the days ahead.
For your faith will be tested.
Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
For though the earth be covered in darkness,
Yet He will set aside His faithful ones.

Though evil may fill the earth,
Stand strong in your faith.
For His reward is for those that are faithful.
Even the elect are deceived,
priest and prophet alike.

But hold fast to your faith,
For in a moment,
You who are His, will see Him.
And when He comes,
He will gather you to Himself,
And you will know your faith has not been in vain.

For you will know,
The perfect love of the Lord God Almighty,
And forever be in His presence.

From The Watchtower

30th November 2017

A shaking is coming,
throughout the land.
What has been will be no more.
For the Lord has seen from His Holy Sanctuary,
the evil of mens hearts.

He looks and He searches for just one,
Who would stand in the gap?
Is there such a one, actually 2?
Wholly devoted to the living God,
One/Two who would accept the commission?

Can you stand before the living God?
Can you stand with purity in your heart?
Do you beat your breast and intercede for the nations?
For the Lord is doing a new thing.

Go up, Go up, to the ancient doors.
Prostrate yourself before the Living God,
And say,
“Here I am Lord, Take me.”

For you are humble of heart,
And there is no deceipt in you.
The Lord is calling His witnesses,
From the ends of the earth.

From The Watchtower

29th November 2017

My pen writes for the Lord,
Every day I praise the Lord.
For, at his Word, all things were created,
For His good purpose.

Fools follow after their own way,
But the Lords Way,
It is a narrow path,
It leads to righteousness and justice,
Salvation is there.

Whoever would seek after the Lord,
Will find Him.
But, those who say in their hearts,
“There is no God”
Are fools.

They follow after their own hearts desires,
And give no thought to the path they travel on.
On the day of the Lord,
They will suddenly see
And then they will cry out for mercy.
“We were like children,
Easily lead astray.”

Prepare your hearts you people of the earth,
For when He comes,
He will stand at His threshing floor.
He will winnow the wheat from the chaff.
Turn to the Lord with all your hearts,
For truly there is still time.

From The Watchtower

26th November 2017

Your word is my lamp,
A light that lights up the darkness.
Your word is more precious than gold to me.
I thank you Holy Spirit for your wisdom.

You fill me with knowledge and guard all my ways,
You fill my mouth with beautiful words,
to amazing for me.
Forever you walk beside me,
Guiding my way.

And though the world be filled with darkness,
You fill me with your light,
So that, Lord,
Those who need to hear will hear,
Those who need to see will see.

For you Lord are doing a new thing.
It is not for man to discern or understand.
You hide it from those who practice deceit,
And follow after their own hearts.
Even priests and prophets,
All building their own kingdoms,
You will not use such as these.

From The Watchtower

23rd November 2017

Open up you ancient doors,
That the King of Glory may come in,
Clothed in splendour and majesty,
There is none like Him.

Worship all you nations,
Bow down before Him.
For He makes a way,
A straight path for the righteous to follow.

Evil, sickness and poverty will not be there,
Indeed, all evil doers will be swept away.
The land will be purged,
And their judgement will come.

Those that find the Way,
Will be blessed with salvation.
Salvation, not of human making,
But salvation that is wondrous,
Of God’s hand.

Blessings will cover them,
No more sickness,
No more oppression,
No more weeping,
No more poverty.

For the Lord Our God reigns.
Righteousness and justice will be established,
And everyone from the least to the greatest,
Will know the Lord their Saviour.

From The Watchtower

19th November 2017

The Lord is faithful,
Abounding in loving kindness.
He arises with healing in His wings.

Comfort, comfort my children,
Those who seek after the Lord.
To walk in His paths,
To obey His word.
Be strong and courageous
Bold as a lion,
Speak the word of the Lord,
To the Lost and broken hearted.

The Lord is doing a new thing,
Yet in a little while He will come,
To gather His children,
Under His wings.

Do not be afraid,
For the ungodly nash their teeth,
And walk in their wicked ways,
But  their days are numbered,
Their judgement is coming,
Swift and on 1 day.

Hold fast and be strong,
Fear no evil, children of the Living God.
For the Lord is your shield and fortress,
And on that day He will protect you,
And gather you to Himself.
To all those who call on the name of the Lord,
On that day, will be saved.