From The Watchtower

17th November 2017

Who is like the Lord,
Creator of Heaven and earth?
Great and worthy to be praised,
Is the Lord God Almighty.
There is none like our God,
All the heavenly host bow down before Him.
He is majestic, King of Kings, And Lord of Lords.
Watch Him come in glory,
All you nations of the earth.

You will see Him,
As a King,
Riding upon the heavens,
Fierce is His wrath,
To those who practice evil, and take away justice.
He will judge the living and the dead.

Israel, look, for your God comes,
Treading the winepress of His anger,
To those that would destroy His people.
To those that plan and scheme evil,
He will have no mercy.

To those who have built your high places,
to those who think your wealth is your fortress,
To those who have no regard for the oppressed and the poor,
To those who rob the widow,
And deprive His children their daily bread,
To these He will have no mercy.

In that day you will know it.
Great and fierce is the Lord’s wrath,
He will judge you,
For all your wicked ways.
You gather your wealth and your eyes are never satisfied.
But, God has already judged your heart,
You who say there is no God.

The one who stands on the heights of the nations,
You will be judged in an instant..
To be no more.
For you raise yourself high and take no counsel.
You said in your heart,
“There is no God and who is like me?”
But your day will come,
In an instant.
And you do not know it.

All praise and glory be to our God,
Righteous judge and King.
Seek Him while you may find Him,
Give thanksgiving and praise,
He covers those He loves,
Those who walk in His way,
He is a shield to all those who trust in Him.
Praise you Lord, my King.