From The Watchtower

16th November 2017

A light has arisen,
On the mountain top of the Lord,
Breaking forth as a new day approaches,
The nations stream to it,
Justice and righteousness will rule again,
In the sceptre of the King.

You who trust in the name of the Lord,
You who weep now, will weep no more,
You who are oppressed, will break forth in songs of joy,
You who are sick and lame, will dance with new strength,
You who are poor, will be blessed and lack no more,
You who mourn, will be filled with joy.

For you will see
On the mountain top of the Lord,
A new day arising
And here is your Lord and King.
A new day arises,
The King of Kings is coming,
Your King is coming O Israel,
Holy, Holy, Holy,
Is the Lord God Almighty.