From The Watchtower

14th November 2017

Hear you nations of the earth,
Darkness covers you like a shroud,
Deep darkness overcomes you,
Like a sleep walker,
The nations walk in darkness.
A little bit here and a little bit there,
You gather your wealth and hoard it.

Where is righteousness and justice?
For you say there is no one to see.
You who charm with your lips,
But devise evil in your heart.
Justice is bought for a bribe
And good is seen as evil and evil is seen as good,
The innocent are dragged away and destroyed.

Pride has entered your heart,
You who rise up over the nations.
You say in your heart,
“Who is like me?”
“No one can stand against me.”
You have risen high but you will be laid low.

For a time has been assigned,
For you to rule from on high,
But your pride is too great.
Do you not know?
In an instant you will be destroyed.
For the Lord will do it.

From The Watchtower

13th November 2017

In a day of trouble,
The righteous stand,
For the Lord their God is with them.
Covered under His wings and
Hidden in the palm of His hands.

Do you think the Lord does not see the evil that infests the earth?
For surely, as He is creator of all things,
He also sees all mens hearts.

The Lord is the same yesterday, today and forever.
Therefore do not say in your hearts there is no God.
For He will come suddenly
To recompense the wicked,
To destroy the wicked.

Turn while there is still time
And do not delay,
Bow down, beat your breasts,
Seek forgiveness while you may.
All the wicked will be swept away,
In the day of His wrath.

Give glory and thanksgiving to God
For He abounds in loving kindness.
Compassion He has for the broken hearted,
Healing is in His wings,
The Lord will do it,
In one day.