From The Watchtower

9th November 2017


From everlasting to everlasting,
Your name is to be praised,
Lord God of Israel.
Grant us wisdom and knowledge,
That we may walk in your way.
You are ever before me, O Lord,
Leading and guiding me,
On the straight path.

Gather all you nations,
And devise your wicked schemes,
Draw up your pacts,
Your secret treaties,
Your leaders are fools,
They think in their hearts,
No one sees.

The poor are plundered,
The oppressed beaten down,
No justice is in the land,
The wicked exchange bribes,
and false witnesses arise.
Each person goes their own way.

The land is defiled,
The earth trembles under violence,
Neighbour accuses neighbour,
The members of your own household,
No one speaks the truth,
Good is seen as evil,
And evil is seen as good.

Do you not know?
Do you not fear the God of Israel?
Is there anyone with a clean heart?
Yes, For the Lord has hidden them,
Two witnesses will arise.
Their days are numbered to do the Lords will.

Arise, arise, stretch out your arm, O Lord,
Rebuke the nations,
Call them to account.
There is still time,
But the nations will not listen.

So the Lord, will stretch out His arm,
All at once they will be destroyed
On the hill tops and in the valleys,
Run, flee and do not look back,
Do not go back to gather your possessions.
For the wrath of God is mighty,
To those who come against His anointed.

Thanksgiving and praise be to our God,
For His hand will rule,
With righteousness and justice forever.

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