From The Watchtower

8th November 2017

See the desert, dry and barren,
The hyrax and viper live there,
No water to quench the thirst.
Look to the desert, for you will see a wondrous thing,
For the Lord is making a way,
Springs of water will flow there
Lush pasture will replace a barren waste.
For Living Water will pour fourth, in a dry and barren place.

The fool will be no more,
Destruction was his way,
Never listening to counsel,
For if he did, he would seek the Lord.
He will chase after fantasies,
But be destroyed in an instant.

Bind up, Bind up, the broken hearted,
Heal the oppressed,
Through truth and justice,
The Lord God of Israel will reign.
A highway in the desert, Living water flows there,
He will guard His children,
Like a fierce lion protecting his cubs,
His roar covers the earth.

No more crying or weeping,
See your God comes,
To heal the sick and broken hearted,
To let the prisoners go free,
Release the oppressed,
Restore sight to the blind,
And unstop deaf ears.

At the roar of His voice,
Those who trust in strongholds,
Those who practice evil,
Those fools that lead the earth, will be no more.
They will faint from terror, and look to hide,
In the crevices and rocks,
They will run in chaos and confusion and terror,
But be destroyed in an instant.

Look to your maker, the wise amongst you,
Follow the highway of Living Water,
Do not turn aside to the left or the right,
For righteousness will uphold you,
God, your God will cover you,
Give praise, thanksgiving and worship,
For the Lord, your God, is with you,
On those who seek the Lord.