From The Watchtower

7th November 2017

I will open my mouth in praise,
I will enter into a covenant with The Lord God Almighty,
I will worship at your footstool and prostrate myself before you,
I thank you Lord that you have written your word upon my heart.
Forever you watch over me.
You carry me in times of trouble.
You heal my broken heart and forgive me my sins.
I am set aside for your purpose.
There is not one who I can call to except you Lord.

Each day brings a new dawn,
I wait upon you.
Heal my broken heart Lord,
You have lifted me up on eagles wings,
You call me to your side.
You show me the clamouring of the nations.

All the earth is corrupt.
Is there anyone with a clean heart?
They trust in falsehood and deceive with their lips.
Those that devise wicked plans in secret.

Know this, you are already judged.
Your plans are not hidden,
All will be revealed.
Do not say to yourself that there is no God to see,
Where is He?
For surely He will come in an instant and you will be judged.

All those that love power, kings, queens and leaders of the world,
You have a hidden pact,
But the Lord will confound you,
He will rise up and destroy you – all in one day.
He will be as a great and mighty Lion,
Nothing will stand against Him.
He will rise up and protect His people.

Those that call on upon the name of The Lord,
Call now and light your lamps,
Walk in righteousness and seek the Lord with all your heart.
For He will not be long in coming to you.
I praise you Lord God Almighty, forever and ever.