From The Watchtower

6th November 2017

Who can call on the Name of The Lord,
Who can go to His Holy Sanctuary,
Those with pure hearts,
Those who seek to serve you O Lord,
With all their hearts.

We were like children,
We played with gay abandon,
Our playmates were the nations,
We cavorted and prostituted ourselves,
Blinded we did not see you,
Deaf we did not hear you.

All of my days I will lift my voice in praise,
Who is the sovereign God of Israel?
You have lost your first love,
Come He is calling,
Offer up thanksgiving and praise,
Put on sackcloth and turn to your God, Israel,
Repent, and He will heal your land.

But, like a wayward child,
You go your own way,
Your companions, the nations,
They will abandon you on that day,
No one will stand by you.

For a time is coming,
When you have no friends,
No one is faithful,
They stand aside and let destruction come to your boarders.

Who will you turn to,
Who will stand with you,
Only One, Your sovereign Lord and God.
As a nation dress yourself in sackcloth,
Call out to your God,
For He will come swiftly to you on that day,
You will see Him as one people,
You will suddenly recognise the One you rejected.

I will lift up my voice on your Holy Mountain, O Lord,
I give thanks and praise to you,
For who is like the Lord,
All of my days are numbered,
But you Lord, your ways are unfathomable,
You are my mighty Lord and God,
Creator of all that is.

And, yet you love us,
Come Lord, Come quickly to your people,
I call to you sovereign Lord and God,
Praise and Glory to You, Forever.