From The Watchtower

2nd November 2017

Father, I give praise and thanks to you
from the moment I rise to the moment I sleep,
You give breath to my body and light to my eyes,
Even when I am old you cover me with your wings,
You uphold me.
Therefore I give you praise.
I will not be silent but I will tell of your righteousness and love,
In Christ I have salvation and I walk ever before you,
Casting aside all fear,
For you have covered me with the garment of salvation,
I walk in your righteousness.

The earth trembles before you,
The heavenly host bow down,
For who can stand before you, Lord and King?

Put on sackcloth all you nations,
For do you not know the hour?
Darkness covers you.
Each person says in his heart,
I am wise and I will follow my own way,
From the least to the greatest.

But the Lord, my God says,
Prepare and turn to me,
Light your lamps for the darkness is great,
And you do not know the hour you are in.



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