From The Watchtower

5th November 2017

Rise up, Rise up,
You who hear My voice,
Call upon me and I will answer,
No longer barren and in a desert,
You will fly with wings of an eagle.

Rise up, Rise up,
Stand on the mountain top and prophecy to the nations again.
Open the book that was closed.
I hid you in the palm of my hand and covered you,
For now is the time.

Nations nash their teeth,
Hoards from afar will cover the land,
Nation will rise against nation,
The earth will shake and vast armies arise.
Wo to the earth.

Turn now and repent,
Put on sackcloth and fast,
Weep before me and beat your breast,
And yet I may relent.
Stand before me and I will open the book,
Take off your sandals and prostate before me,
For you stand on Holy ground.

Call out to my daughter Israel,
Be strong and station your watchmen on the watchtower,
Hear my voice once more,
For you I have hidden,
Covered and protected.

A light will arise from my daughter Israel,
A light to the nations,
He will come to judge the nations,
You will see Him come Israel.
He will arise to defend you,
Destroying those that come against you.
Prepare Israel for your King.

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