From The Watchtower

5th November 2017

Rise up, Rise up,
You who hear My voice,
Call upon me and I will answer,
No longer barren and in a desert,
You will fly with wings of an eagle.

Rise up, Rise up,
Stand on the mountain top and prophecy to the nations again.
Open the book that was closed.
I hid you in the palm of my hand and covered you,
For now is the time.

Nations nash their teeth,
Hoards from afar will cover the land,
Nation will rise against nation,
The earth will shake and vast armies arise.
Wo to the earth.

Turn now and repent,
Put on sackcloth and fast,
Weep before me and beat your breast,
And yet I may relent.
Stand before me and I will open the book,
Take off your sandals and prostate before me,
For you stand on Holy ground.

Call out to my daughter Israel,
Be strong and station your watchmen on the watchtower,
Hear my voice once more,
For you I have hidden,
Covered and protected.

A light will arise from my daughter Israel,
A light to the nations,
He will come to judge the nations,
You will see Him come Israel.
He will arise to defend you,
Destroying those that come against you.
Prepare Israel for your King.

From The Watchtower

4th November 2017

Like a wayward child, I went my own way.
But you Lord, you were faithful and full of love and forgiveness.
You disciplined me for a time.
My heart sings for joy at your presence.
Your cover me and were patient with me.
Your faithfulness and love will follow me all of my days.

Israel is like the wayward child,
You have raised her up as a sign to the nations.
She will not lament for long.
Your love is forever enduring and though she was a wayward child,
You raised her as a sign to the nations.
Praise the Lord, bow down all you nations,
For when He comes He will come in justice & righteousness.
He will winnow with His winnowing fork,
He will separate the wheat from the chaff,
And He will judge the nations.

From The Watchtower

3rd November 2017

I will humble myself before you, Father,
I give you praise, glory and honour.
Thank you Lord for all your blessings,
May you forgive our sins Lord,
That our nation may be raised up as a blessing to the Nations.

The pastors and priests, they do not see,
Blind guides, they do not hear.
For have I not said,
Help the widow, the poor, the oppressed?
This is what I desire.

They gather in their assemblies,
“Give, give,” they say from the pulpit,
And you collect your wealth from such as these.
Instead of helping you take.
Your eyes are never satisfied,
“More, more,” forever more.
You ask and build your own kingdoms.

Even you, you grasp at wealth.
Paster and priest alike.
Do you not see and can you not hear,
The cries of those in your congregations that need help.

You surround yourselves with those that always agree,
And you walk about the earth saying in your heart,
“Am I not great? Surely the Lord has blessed me?”
Your companions are guests,
“Give, give,”
And they too are greedy for gain and plunder my people.

You hypocrites,
Humble yourselves and turn back to me,
I seek those who humble themselves and shepherd my flocks,
Those who care and love my people,
And who serve me with all their hearts.


From The Watchtower

2nd November 2017

Father, I give praise and thanks to you
from the moment I rise to the moment I sleep,
You give breath to my body and light to my eyes,
Even when I am old you cover me with your wings,
You uphold me.
Therefore I give you praise.
I will not be silent but I will tell of your righteousness and love,
In Christ I have salvation and I walk ever before you,
Casting aside all fear,
For you have covered me with the garment of salvation,
I walk in your righteousness.

The earth trembles before you,
The heavenly host bow down,
For who can stand before you, Lord and King?

Put on sackcloth all you nations,
For do you not know the hour?
Darkness covers you.
Each person says in his heart,
I am wise and I will follow my own way,
From the least to the greatest.

But the Lord, my God says,
Prepare and turn to me,
Light your lamps for the darkness is great,
And you do not know the hour you are in.