From The Watchtower

18th November 2017

From the time of the rising of the sun,
To the time that it sets,
I will praise the Lord my God,
I offer up thanksgiving and praise to my Father.

Holy, holy, holy,
And the heavenly host bow down before Him,
Arrayed in glory and majesty,
Who rides upon the heavens,
Mountains will bow down at His presence.

Give glory and praise and thanksgiving,
For the Lord is God,
And there is none like HIm.

From The Watchtower

17th November 2017

Who is like the Lord,
Creator of Heaven and earth?
Great and worthy to be praised,
Is the Lord God Almighty.
There is none like our God,
All the heavenly host bow down before Him.
He is majestic, King of Kings, And Lord of Lords.
Watch Him come in glory,
All you nations of the earth.

You will see Him,
As a King,
Riding upon the heavens,
Fierce is His wrath,
To those who practice evil, and take away justice.
He will judge the living and the dead.

Israel, look, for your God comes,
Treading the winepress of His anger,
To those that would destroy His people.
To those that plan and scheme evil,
He will have no mercy.

To those who have built your high places,
to those who think your wealth is your fortress,
To those who have no regard for the oppressed and the poor,
To those who rob the widow,
And deprive His children their daily bread,
To these He will have no mercy.

In that day you will know it.
Great and fierce is the Lord’s wrath,
He will judge you,
For all your wicked ways.
You gather your wealth and your eyes are never satisfied.
But, God has already judged your heart,
You who say there is no God.

The one who stands on the heights of the nations,
You will be judged in an instant..
To be no more.
For you raise yourself high and take no counsel.
You said in your heart,
“There is no God and who is like me?”
But your day will come,
In an instant.
And you do not know it.

All praise and glory be to our God,
Righteous judge and King.
Seek Him while you may find Him,
Give thanksgiving and praise,
He covers those He loves,
Those who walk in His way,
He is a shield to all those who trust in Him.
Praise you Lord, my King.

From The Watchtower

16th November 2017

A light has arisen,
On the mountain top of the Lord,
Breaking forth as a new day approaches,
The nations stream to it,
Justice and righteousness will rule again,
In the sceptre of the King.

You who trust in the name of the Lord,
You who weep now, will weep no more,
You who are oppressed, will break forth in songs of joy,
You who are sick and lame, will dance with new strength,
You who are poor, will be blessed and lack no more,
You who mourn, will be filled with joy.

For you will see
On the mountain top of the Lord,
A new day arising
And here is your Lord and King.
A new day arises,
The King of Kings is coming,
Your King is coming O Israel,
Holy, Holy, Holy,
Is the Lord God Almighty.


From The Watchtower

14th November 2017

Hear you nations of the earth,
Darkness covers you like a shroud,
Deep darkness overcomes you,
Like a sleep walker,
The nations walk in darkness.
A little bit here and a little bit there,
You gather your wealth and hoard it.

Where is righteousness and justice?
For you say there is no one to see.
You who charm with your lips,
But devise evil in your heart.
Justice is bought for a bribe
And good is seen as evil and evil is seen as good,
The innocent are dragged away and destroyed.

Pride has entered your heart,
You who rise up over the nations.
You say in your heart,
“Who is like me?”
“No one can stand against me.”
You have risen high but you will be laid low.

For a time has been assigned,
For you to rule from on high,
But your pride is too great.
Do you not know?
In an instant you will be destroyed.
For the Lord will do it.

From The Watchtower

13th November 2017

In a day of trouble,
The righteous stand,
For the Lord their God is with them.
Covered under His wings and
Hidden in the palm of His hands.

Do you think the Lord does not see the evil that infests the earth?
For surely, as He is creator of all things,
He also sees all mens hearts.

The Lord is the same yesterday, today and forever.
Therefore do not say in your hearts there is no God.
For He will come suddenly
To recompense the wicked,
To destroy the wicked.

Turn while there is still time
And do not delay,
Bow down, beat your breasts,
Seek forgiveness while you may.
All the wicked will be swept away,
In the day of His wrath.

Give glory and thanksgiving to God
For He abounds in loving kindness.
Compassion He has for the broken hearted,
Healing is in His wings,
The Lord will do it,
In one day.

From The Watchtower

11th November 2017

My heart sings,
Joy and gladness have come,
My Lord has heard my prayers,
He hears the prayers of His righteous ones.
He will never forsake those He loves.

Joy will cover you again,
You who have known sorrow.
Strength will be your God,
Nothing that comes against you will succeed.

Bind up His words in your heart,
Shout for joy,
For with your eyes,
You will see your King.

From The Watchtower

10th November 2017

The gates are opened wide
The gates of Zion,
For a time they will stream in, my children,
From all points of the compass,
The Lord will send you.

Do you not know,
Have you not seen,
A great and mighty thing,
A highway for my people
And the Lord will bring them back,
To the land of his inheritance,

Israel, clap your hands, dance and sing,
Rejoice in your king,
Bow down and worship,
for the Lord your God has done a might thing.
Nations are given names,
But you are known as the children of God,
Zion my daughter returns,
And Jerusalem will once more be cleansed.

Turn your heart to the Lord,
And once more He will heal your land,
Springs will break out in a dry and thirsty land.
Crops will grow and pasture cover it.

Wait upon the Lord,
For whoever waits upon the Lord will be blessed.
Eyes will opened and ears unstopped.
For once more He will take possession of Israel,
And Jerusalem.
The apostasy,
The wicked thing that stands on His holy hill,
Will be no more.

Listen for His voice O Zion,
Rejoice once more in His presence,
For he will return and you will see it.
Praise the Lord,
King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.

From The Watchtower

9th November 2017


From everlasting to everlasting,
Your name is to be praised,
Lord God of Israel.
Grant us wisdom and knowledge,
That we may walk in your way.
You are ever before me, O Lord,
Leading and guiding me,
On the straight path.

Gather all you nations,
And devise your wicked schemes,
Draw up your pacts,
Your secret treaties,
Your leaders are fools,
They think in their hearts,
No one sees.

The poor are plundered,
The oppressed beaten down,
No justice is in the land,
The wicked exchange bribes,
and false witnesses arise.
Each person goes their own way.

The land is defiled,
The earth trembles under violence,
Neighbour accuses neighbour,
The members of your own household,
No one speaks the truth,
Good is seen as evil,
And evil is seen as good.

Do you not know?
Do you not fear the God of Israel?
Is there anyone with a clean heart?
Yes, For the Lord has hidden them,
Two witnesses will arise.
Their days are numbered to do the Lords will.

Arise, arise, stretch out your arm, O Lord,
Rebuke the nations,
Call them to account.
There is still time,
But the nations will not listen.

So the Lord, will stretch out His arm,
All at once they will be destroyed
On the hill tops and in the valleys,
Run, flee and do not look back,
Do not go back to gather your possessions.
For the wrath of God is mighty,
To those who come against His anointed.

Thanksgiving and praise be to our God,
For His hand will rule,
With righteousness and justice forever.

From The Watchtower

8th November 2017

See the desert, dry and barren,
The hyrax and viper live there,
No water to quench the thirst.
Look to the desert, for you will see a wondrous thing,
For the Lord is making a way,
Springs of water will flow there
Lush pasture will replace a barren waste.
For Living Water will pour fourth, in a dry and barren place.

The fool will be no more,
Destruction was his way,
Never listening to counsel,
For if he did, he would seek the Lord.
He will chase after fantasies,
But be destroyed in an instant.

Bind up, Bind up, the broken hearted,
Heal the oppressed,
Through truth and justice,
The Lord God of Israel will reign.
A highway in the desert, Living water flows there,
He will guard His children,
Like a fierce lion protecting his cubs,
His roar covers the earth.

No more crying or weeping,
See your God comes,
To heal the sick and broken hearted,
To let the prisoners go free,
Release the oppressed,
Restore sight to the blind,
And unstop deaf ears.

At the roar of His voice,
Those who trust in strongholds,
Those who practice evil,
Those fools that lead the earth, will be no more.
They will faint from terror, and look to hide,
In the crevices and rocks,
They will run in chaos and confusion and terror,
But be destroyed in an instant.

Look to your maker, the wise amongst you,
Follow the highway of Living Water,
Do not turn aside to the left or the right,
For righteousness will uphold you,
God, your God will cover you,
Give praise, thanksgiving and worship,
For the Lord, your God, is with you,
On those who seek the Lord.

From The Watchtower

7th November 2017

I will open my mouth in praise,
I will enter into a covenant with The Lord God Almighty,
I will worship at your footstool and prostrate myself before you,
I thank you Lord that you have written your word upon my heart.
Forever you watch over me.
You carry me in times of trouble.
You heal my broken heart and forgive me my sins.
I am set aside for your purpose.
There is not one who I can call to except you Lord.

Each day brings a new dawn,
I wait upon you.
Heal my broken heart Lord,
You have lifted me up on eagles wings,
You call me to your side.
You show me the clamouring of the nations.

All the earth is corrupt.
Is there anyone with a clean heart?
They trust in falsehood and deceive with their lips.
Those that devise wicked plans in secret.

Know this, you are already judged.
Your plans are not hidden,
All will be revealed.
Do not say to yourself that there is no God to see,
Where is He?
For surely He will come in an instant and you will be judged.

All those that love power, kings, queens and leaders of the world,
You have a hidden pact,
But the Lord will confound you,
He will rise up and destroy you – all in one day.
He will be as a great and mighty Lion,
Nothing will stand against Him.
He will rise up and protect His people.

Those that call on upon the name of The Lord,
Call now and light your lamps,
Walk in righteousness and seek the Lord with all your heart.
For He will not be long in coming to you.
I praise you Lord God Almighty, forever and ever.