At The Watchtower

The Watchtower

Oh my soul, oh my soul

I have seen an evil thing

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil

It is everywhere,

It has crept into our homes,

It has crept into our minds,

Corrupt and deceiptful it infiltrates our nation

Father and Mother dress their children in evil,

then send them to trick or treat.

Do you not know you celebrate a pagan festival?


God is the same yesterday, today and forever,

He does not change,

Why then do we think he will not see.

In the days to come you will wonder why our nation is punished.


We are now lead by an anti-Christ government,

Peoples love has gone cold,

Darkness is descending as invisible fingers of hell stretch out through the media and technology and make evil normal in our sight.

God stands at the door ready to judge.


Christian leaders, you are being called to the watchtower

Do not stand passively by or you too will be judged

Put on sackcloth and lift up your voice in prayer

Fast for God’s forgiveness over our land,

And yet he may relent and yet forgive us and bless us

Cry out for His forgiveness over our Nation

Station yourselves on the watchtower and give no rest to your prayers

Until God hears and restores our nation to be the light of the world

at the ends of the earth and sends blessings to our nation and people.


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