21st March 2017

The word of the Lord came to me for those with ears to hear.

“Listen and write down faithfully what I am to reveal.  There is coming a time, not long from now, when each man’s heart is to be tested, when I am coming with my winnowing fork, when I will separate the wheat from the chaff.

I call my Bride to make ready.

He who has ears to hear, hear.

Gather your oil and your lamps and wait.  For as surely as day follows night and night follows day this shall come to pass.

I cry out to My true church, separate now from that which is not of me.  Worldly riches are of the world and are here one day and gone the next.  Do not accumulate wealth for yourselves.  For, worldly wealth has no place in My Kingdom.  I tell you truly, you hold onto that which has no value when you accumulate worldly things.

Do not build for yourselves kingdoms on this earth.  For there is only one King and One Kingdom and this is eternal.

My sheep hear My voice.  Therefore, separate from that of the world and follow me.”